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Every year at Grace Assembly of God, we have made it a priority to seek God first in prayer. We do this collectively as a church in January through 21 Days of Prayer. This month is intentional, as it begins the new  year. Together, we faithfully seek God first, trusting in His power alone to create lasting impact in our lives, our church, and our world.



MONDAY - FRIDAY at 6:30pm

Learn About Prayer and Fasting


If you sense God has more for your life, 21 Days of Prayer is a great place to start believing Him for all that He has for you. As you practice seeking Him first, He will move on your behalf like never before. You will start to see the power of prayer impact your relationships, work, family, and every area of your life.


Whether you join us in person or online,

we would love for you to be part of 21 Days of Prayer.


During the January season of 21 Days of Prayer, we encourage fasting as a spiritual next step that can bring clarity and revelation into your life. You can also choose to fast at other times of the year as you seek God.

  • What are the Steps to Salvation?
    Step 1: God’s Purpose…Peace and Life. God loves you and wants you to know Him so He can fill you with peace and give you real life — forever. The Bible says, "because of our Lord Jesus Christ, we live at peace with God" (Romans 5:1). God loved the people of this world so much that He gave His only son, so that everyone who has faith in Him will have eternal life and never die (John 3:16). Jesus said, “I came so that everyone would have life, and have it in its fullest” (John 10:10). Since God planned for us to have peace and real life right now, why are so many people hurting or angry inside? Step 2: Our Problem…Separation from God. God created us in His own image so we can know Him personally and have a joy-filled life. He did not make us as robots to automatically love and obey Him, but gave us a will and a freedom of choice. Since the beginning of time, we have chosen to disobey God and go our own willful way. We still make this choice today. This results in separation from God and ends in misery. The Bible says, "All of us have sinned and fallen short of God’s holiness" (Romans 3:23). The result of unforgiven sin is death, but God’s gift is eternal life given by Jesus Christ our Lord (Romans 6:23). The Bible says that disobeying God results in being separated from Him. Our attempts can never unite us with God. Through the ages, people have tried many ways to bridge this gap and reach God — without success. The Bible says, "Adam sinned, and that sin brought death into the world. Now everyone has sinned, and so everyone must die" (Romans 5:12). You may think you are on the right road and still end up dead (Proverbs 14:12). There is only one way to reach God. Step 3: God’s Remedy…The Cross. Jesus Christ is the only answer to this problem. He is the only One who can bring us back to God. He died on the Cross and rose from the grave, paying the penalty for our sin and bridging the gap between God and people. The Bible says, "There is only one God, and Christ Jesus is the only one who can bring us to God" (1 Timothy 2:5). Christ died once for our sins. An innocent person died for those who are guilty. Christ did this to bring you to God (1 Peter 3:18). But God showed how much He loved us by having Christ die for us, even though we were sinful (Romans 5:8). God has provided the only way — we must make the choice. Step 4: Our Response…Give Ourselves to Christ. We must trust Jesus Christ to forgive our sins and determine to obey Him for the rest of our lives. That way we can know God and find peace again. The Bible says, "So you will be saved, if you honestly say, Jesus is Lord, and if you believe with all your heart that God raised Him from death. God will accept you and save you, if you truly believe this" (Romans 10:9-10). Is there any good reason why you cannot turn your life over to Jesus Christ right now? How to give your life to Christ: 1.) Admit you are a sinner and need forgiveness. 2.) Believe that Jesus Christ died for you on the Cross and rose from the grave. 3.) Through prayer, confess that Jesus Christ is the only way to God and commit to live for Him for the rest of your life. The next step is to become baptized. Look below to see more information on baptism.
  • How can I become Baptized?
    We believe the Bible clearly teaches us that baptism is the first step of obedience after making a commitment to Christ. Baptism allows a Christ-follower to communicate to the world their heart-felt commitment to Christ. Water baptisms are scheduled regularly. Be watching for announcements in the bulletin, Grace News email and our Sunday video announcements to see when the next baptism is. You can inquire more information through Pastor Mathias Grehn. Email him here.
  • What does Discipleship involve?
    Our first goal is to see every disciple in our church actively pursuing a personal time of bible study and prayer five days a week. Whether you are just beginning this journey or getting to know God or you’ve been on this transformational journey for some long period of time, we have a formation class that will inspire you and motivate you to reach your highest potential in Christ. We offer several transformational tracks to set you on the right path to becoming a strong Christ follower. Family and Life Spiritual Disciplines Biblical Worldview Leadership Logos
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